1865 Maps

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We have several historical maps of Hendricks County. As these maps are scanned, they will be presented here.
The images presented here are 1000 pixels wide. When you open these images, your browser may show the image at a decreased size.
Typically you can hover over the image and your browser will allow you to expand the image.
If your computer screen is able to display 1000 pixels wide, you should see the image at the original size.
Some maps are very large, so we scanned individual towns into separate images. For the 1865 map we also show the full county map.

Complete 1865 Hendricks County Map
Hendricks County Map - better version as a PDF (great detail if you zoom in your PDF viewer)
Map Date & Credits
Table of Distances and Town List
Amo Map
Belleville Map
Brownsburg Map
Cartersburg Map
Cincinnatus Map
Clayton Map
Danville Map
New Elizabeth Map
New Winchester Map
North Danville Map
North Salem Map
Pecksburg Map
Pittsboro Map
Plainfield Map
Six Points Map
Springtown Map
Stilesville Map
West Milton Map
Brown Township Map
Center Township Map
Clay Township Map
Eel River Township Map
Franklin Township Map
Guilford Township Map
Liberty Township Map
Lincoln Township Map
Marion Township Map
Middle Township Map
Union Township Map
Washington Township Map