Hendricks County Archive Scans

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This web page provides access to various documents that have been scanned at the Hendricks County Government center.
Some sections, like Ordinances, contain current documents, but many of the other documents date from the early 1800's.
The links below will take you to the main menu page for each type of document, or directly to the document for single document scans.

View Location of Hendricks County Government Buildings in Danville

The Government Center is where you pay taxes, get birth/death certificates, building permits and plat documents. Parking areas are on the North and South of the building. The West and East entrances come in between the lower and middle floors - go up one flight for the middle floor, down one flight for the lower floor. There is an elevator in the Northwest and Southeast corners of the building. The entrance in the middle of the South side of the building comes in on the lower floor. To the left is Environmental Health where you can get birth and death certificates and on the right is the Nursing department where the clinic is located.

Administrative Documents
Commissioner's Books
  • Index of the Commissioner's meeting minutes starting from 1831 through 2006

Commissioner's Court 1824 - 1838 (Only one book of this type)
Commissioner's Court 1824 - 1838 in PDF format
  • Earliest book we have scanned

Council's Books
  • Index of the County Council's meeting minutes from 1899 through 2007

Miscellaneous Documents
  • Index of various books related to the Commissioners and general administration

  • Index of the ordinances and resolutions passed by the Commissioners and Council from 1970 through 2014

Assessor's Documents
1955 Enumerations
  • Index of the township enumeration lists for 1955

Miscellaneous Documents
  • Index of miscellaneous scans related to the Assessor

Plat Books
  • Index of lists and drawings of plats in Hendricks County dating from 1880

Auditor's Documents
Auditors Scans
  • Index of the first entries of land sales and other documents

Auditor's Platbooks Index
  • Index of the Auditor's Platbooks

Property Transfer Cards (by drawer)
  • Index of the old Hendricks County property transfer cards - indexed by drawers

Yellow Property Transfer Cards (1941 - 1972)
  • Newly organized index of the property transfer cards - Yellow cards were used from 1941 to 1972

Blue Property Transfer Cards (1989 - 2004)
  • Newly organized index of the property transfer cards - Blue cards were used from 1989 to 2004

Transfer Books
  • Index of early records of real estate transfers starting in 187

Court Related Documents
Civil Order Books
  • Index of Hendricks County Civil Orders starting in 1826

Common Pleas Court Documents
  • Index of the Common Pleas Court books starting in 1853

Divorce cases 1824-1989
  • Index of Hendricks County divorce cases from 1824 to 1989

Divorce cases 1912-1992
  • Index of Hendricks County divorce cases from 1912 to 1992

Election Record Books
  • Index of election records for Hendricks County from 1890 to 2000

Marriage License
  • Index of marriage licenses from 1824 through 2003

Marriage Applications
  • Index of marriage applications starting from 1905

Miscellaneous Court Related Scans
  • Index of miscellaneous scans

Probate and Judicial Archive
  • Index of Probate Orders and Judicial Books dating from 1825

Probate Court Supplemental Documents
  • This is a page that lets you select and view Probate Court Supplemental Documents

Will Records
  • Index of wills recorded in Hendricks County courts starting in 1822

Health Department Documents
Health Department Scans
  • Index of Health Department related documents

Miscellaneous Documents
Central Normal College Scans
  • Index of documents scanned for the Central Normal College project which started August, 2011

  • Index of county maps from various years starting in 1865

Military Records
  • Military records are now grouped in this index

Miscellaneous-Historical Scans
  • Celebration booklets, Historical Maps, donated books and pictures

Public School Documents
  • Index of scans of public school records in Hendricks County

Voting Records
  • Index of old voting records starting in 1833

Outside Sources
Danville Public Library Scans
  • Index of scanned items provided by the Danville Public Library

Hendricks County Museum Scans
  • See if you can find documents signed by President Andrew Jackson
  • This page is an index of scanned items from the Hendricks County Museum

Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library Scans
  • Index of documents from the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library

Sheriff's Documents
Sheriff's documents
  • This page provides links to various documents related to the Sheriff's office

Surveyor's Documents
Surveyor's documents
  • This page provides links to all of the Surveyor's scanned documents

Road Books and Road Cards
  • Books and Inventory cards

Treasurer's Documents
Treasurer's documents
  • This page provides links to the Treasurer's scanned documents