Probate Insert Image Search

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In the 1800's Hendricks County probate books contained pockets that held small documents like receipts and notes. Some of these documents were scanned by another organization and they made them available to Hendricks County. We call these scans the Probate Insert Images. We have found that some of the images are side-ways or upside down, but with 131 gigabytes of images, we have not attempted to rotate and crop the images.

We are providing a means to search for images based on a Last name, First name search. (Some records were indexed with a middle name as well.)

Start your search for images by picking a last name from the selector box below and then click the  Next button to continue. Typically, if more than one name is associated with a case, all names will be indexed and they all point to the same folder of images, so any of the names can be used for the search.

The second web search page will ask you to select a First and Middle name which identifies a specific folder. On that web page, when you click the View button, you will be taken to the Viewer page that will let you step through the scans.  If you find an image that you want to keep, you can right-click it and save it. Then you can use your own image application rotate or crop it. If you try to print it directly from our web page, most likely it will only print a portion of the image, so you should save it to your PC and then print it.

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  Click Next to use the selected last name and continue.