Surveyor Original Cornerstone Field Books

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The Surveyor's Original Cornerstone Field Books are from the original survey of Hendricks County in 1820. The Computer Center has scanned these books and made the images available on this internet site. The books are grouped according to the Township and Range.
The first group of links here will open a viewer to allow you to go page by page through the book. The second group of links point to PDF files containing scans of the books.
The pdf files can be downloaded to your own computer if you desire, but be warned that some pdfs are very large.

These scans were done 3/2009

Map and Links for Surveyor Original Cornerstone Field Books
map T17N R2W T17N R2W - PDF
T17N R1W T17N R1W - PDF
T17N R1E T17N R1E - PDF
T17N R2E T17N R2E - PDF
T16N R2W T16N R2W - PDF
T16N R1W T16N R1W - PDF
T16N R1E T16N R1E - PDF
T16N R2E T16N R2E - PDF
T15N R2W T15N R2W - PDF
T15N R1W T15N R1W - PDF
T15N R1E T15N R1E - PDF
T15N R2E T15N R2E - PDF
T14N R2W T14N R2W - PDF
T14N R1W T14N R1W - PDF
T14N R1E T14N R1E - PDF
T14N R2E T14N R2E - PDF