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The information on this site is provided as a public service only.  The information here is unofficial and is not a valid reference for any legal purposes.  This information is obtained from the Hendricks County production databases, but that does not insure that the data is complete and accurate, since the data is only a snap-shot of the production data.  Most of the data is extracted nightly from the production systems, but legal restrictions require that the assessment data must be from the last State Certified set of values.

Tax deductions are shown for the last tax bill and also the current deduction settings (which will be used for the next tax bill). If there has been a change in ownership, the deductions shown for the current settings, may be the deductions for the previous owners. It is the new owners responsibility to file their own deductions with the Auditors office. Also, you must re-apply for the mortgage deduction each time you refinance.

In order for you to view any of this data, you must click the "Accept" icon below.  By clicking "Accept" you accept the fact that this data is for informational purposes only and that you agree that Hendricks County and its employees will not be held responsible for content or omissions in these web pages. We encourage you to contact us if you think any of the information on this site is incorrect.  We strive to keep the information on this site up-to-date and accurate, and even though this site does not contain the official data, if you see a problem in the data here, please contact us to make sure the official data is correct.

Also please note, that payment data generally takes several days to make it through the posting process, so your payments may not appear immediately.

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